1. scandinaviancollectors:

    FINN JUHL, Unique wall lights at the United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber,1953. / Archpaper

  2. Sleek. Rocky. View.

  3. Light & Dark

  4. White. Leather. Shine.

  5. Lights please: Mouille

  6. arquitecturavisual:

    Hiroshi Nakamura&NAP Co.,Ltd. - Optical Glass House. Hiroshima, Japan. 2012

    Optical Glass House was constructed beside a busy road, Hiroshi Nakamura and his studio NAP; wanted to create a private oasis where residents could still make out the movements of people and traffic beyond the walls. “The serene soundless scenery of the passing cars and trams imparts richness to life in the house,” said the architect.


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  7. MAZE

  8. Modern Meier.

  9. Swish @BluDot

  10. Grid. Light. Red.

  12. Pixel by Well Well

  13. Black & White. Blue & Green.

  14. nothingtochance:


    VERK is a desk based on a drawer. Building the perfect drawer is a classic journeyman examination and a measure of a carpenter’s skills. In VERK the drawer is put in focus, with exaggerated proportions and the housing as the actual working surface. The way it‘s set into the steel framework creates space at the sides of the desk, where objects can be hung to or leaned against.

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  15. Cine Times Hong Kong